20 February 2009

fall rtw

20 February 2009
compliments of: new york fashion

first off, i'm so glad that we're highlighting legs this fall. the skinny jean has gotten skinnier and leggings have made a more-sophisticated comeback.

secondly, i really do like one shoulder look. i have several single-shouldered dresses in my "wish list" on nordstrom.com, but haven't taken the plunge. i guess i have hesitated in buying one, thinking i may not be able to pull it off.

i've picked out a few of my favorite pieces, but you should know i'm a girly-girl and gravitate toward dresses...

christian siriano. this dress is so sexy. and the single cap sleeve is an interesting touch. i was pleased with his collection and i'm glad he won project runway. and where in the world is rami these days?

zac posen. what a gorgeous collection! his garments were like something out of a fairytale! made me instantly think of a midsummer night's dream. he had princess frocks and sorceress gowns and i loved them both. his collection was by far the most captivating!

michael kors. this vibrant pink makes me happy; it's bold and daring and i want it. the pop of pink just on the toe of those nude pumps is perfect, though i would've picked a different color choker.

n.b. i have a soft spot for michael kors. it was his fall 2008 floral collection that inspired me to start sketching again and prompted me to start writing down my fashion-inspired thoughts. i gave my boyfriend an mk watch for christmas and so i think of the designer often.

marchesa. oh, marchesa gowns are so ultra-feminine! so romantic! i love this ballet-inspired look, down to the high-heeled pointe shoes. which reminds me, i haven't been to ballet class in weeks!

oscar de la renta. it was difficult to pick out which dress i liked best. i kept going back and forth between this and a royal purple sweetheart knee-length dress with a bright purple coat. i love the rich, jewel-toned hues, the satiny sheen, and structure of these dresses. they're opulent and sophisticated, yet playful.

i checked out DVF because i have really admired a few of her gowns, but mostly because whitney port from the city works there, and although i do note the patterns, texture, dimension, and bold colors of her collection, i wasn't all that inspired.

similarly, i thought calvin klein's collection wasn't terribly exciting, despite playing with shape and proportion.


eMotion said...
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Meg said...

Ashley. Love. You absolutely can pull off a one-shoulder look. Come now, let's be real. You have a phenomenal body for clothing, so this should not be a reason or concern for not plunging headlong into this look. It's not really a trend, as far as I'm concerned, since one of the most flattering looks possible for women in general.

Not to say you might not have more-erm, responsible?- reasons for not indulging in your favorites at nordstrom.com, but your not being able to pull off this look should NOT be one of them.

Just my two cents. :)

Meg said...
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