22 February 2009


22 February 2009
i've been mildly obsessing over the stephanie seymour valentino campaign. i adore this cerulean blue gown (pictured below) in the feb. 2009 issue of vogue.

it might just be photo editing, but the dress in this ad has a deeper, richer hue than the one seen on the runway (also below). perhaps it was edited for a more dramatic contrast, but i do like it best.

valentino spring 2009 rtw

it is somewhat strange for me to think of the brand without its designer, now that he has retired. i will be interested and intrigued to see how the design house will carry on. there has been clear indication that the intent is to embody the designer's vision: former gucci designer, alessandra facchinetti, was named as valentino's successor, but was terminated after showing only three collections for refusing to utilize and draw from the master couturier's archives. i am heartened to know that the brand will retain its integrity.


Austin said...

is this gonna be all about dresses because i'll stop reading now thanks. just kit'n caboodlin' ya! i don't know how to read anyway! hearts, austin

Bluestocking said...

ok I've been thinking, you just HAVE to learn how to sew so you can make me pretty dresses

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