08 November 2009

political fashion: powerful women

08 November 2009
the white house recently announced anna wintour's appointment to the president's committee on the arts and humanities (pcah), where she'll join the likes of yo-yo ma, ed norton, forrest whitaker, and teresa heinz kerry.

fashion is once again a part of the political arena thanks in large part to michelle obama's sophisticated styling. the first lady defies the notion that being serious and influential means wearing boring suits and muted colors. appropriately, she is the honorary chairman of the pcah.

the vogue editor-in-chief is a smart and suitable choice for the committee and if she does leave the magazine, a presidential appointment seems fitting. it is difficult imaginging anna wintour in retirement; the fashion world needs her experience, business savvy, and connections. in a not-for-profit role, she can influence and contribute in a new way.

photo: vogue

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