23 August 2010

grace coddington memoir in the works

23 August 2010
vogue creative director, grace coddington will be penning a memoir with the help of former men's vogue editor, jay fielden, who worked on her 2002 coffe-table book, grace: thirty years of fashion at vogue.

coddington was an unexpected star in 2009's "the september issue," and agents and publishers have been pursuing her since for an autobiography. the book will take us through her youth, her modeling career and the automobile accident that changed the course of her career, her time as stylist and editor with british vogue, and her move to the states.

literary agent, elyse cheney, who has worked with writers likes dave eggers and james wolcott, will be representing coddington, and a publisher will be chosen sometime this fall.

although in early stages, coddington is enthusiastic about the project's potential impact: “i’m hoping it’s going to be very rich in fashion history. it’s more than just about me.”

photo: sherly rabbani and josephine solimene via style.com

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