01 September 2010

model spotlight: daphne groeneveld

01 September 2010
dutch model, daphne groeneveld, is new on the scene - not surprising, as she's only fourteen. i was unaware of groeneveld's age when i selected her for this model spotlight, which is testament to one of my concerns about underage models - i don't take issue with young girls modeling, but i am squeamish about how these girls are made to look so much older than their given ages. similarly, it makes me a bit uncomfortable to see young girls in sexy clothing or suggestive poses, even if for fashion's sake. i decided to feature groeneveld anyway because plenty of the models we love have started their careers in their youth: kate moss and daria werbowy at 14, natasha poly and jessica stam at 15, and agyness deyn at 16. and because groeneveld is sure to have a brilliant future in modeling.

groeneveld was discovered january of this year and by february, debuted at the fall emporio armani show in milan and walked giorgio armani, hogan, and versus. she is currently the face of miu miu and modeled for the fall givenchy cruise and couture presentations in new york.

photo: style.com

photos: mert + marcus for vogue paris september 2010 via fashion gone rogue


MADMSL said...

She has a phenomenal face,
quite striking. She'll definitely be someone to
look out for.

As for the young models issue, the only qualm I have is the lifestyle some may have before their time and not being able to do things 15,16 year old's do but it's all down to purpose. It is what it is in the fashion industry after all.
Great post!

Cloud of Secrets said...

I'm squeaming about young models in suggestive clothing and taking inappropriate poses, too. But I'm also bugged by young girls modeling "mature" couture clothing, stuff that would be more appropriate on wealthy women of at least 35 attending charity balls, board meetings, or afternoon cocktails. It's just jarring, IMO, and silly...like when would a girl under 20 need an outfit like this in reality? I'd rather see a beautiful thirty- or forty-something model in campaigns or editorials like this.

Cloud of Secrets said...

"squeamish," I meant to say.

ashley @ ashleynicolecatherine said...

thanks, madmsl! i would've jumped at the chance at 15, but you're right, there are sacrifices made for the industry.

cloud of secrets - this is something i've debated with friends a lot. why we have girls, children in some cases, modeling clothing designed for adult women. thanks for your thoughts!

miss meredith said...

yes, I think that's the biggest issue. not that they're 15, but that the models for clothing meant for mature women are arguably still young girls. sure they make the garments look amazing, which I suppose is the point in the fashion industry. but they do not accurately represent how that clothing will appear on the actual women who plan on purchasing it.

still... what's being sold here is more than clothing, but a concept; an ideal. and for the sake of art and fashion, these young models totally hit the mark.

Dolls Factory said...

they should start making first of all LOOLBOOK.nu and other websites with limit age of 18, I found a 10 year old on lookbook.nu having sexy poses.

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Ginger said...

The age issue is always going to make people uncomfortable because I think that as a society we don't know where to draw the line between child and adult. There are states where the age of consent is 14 whereas in other it is as high as 18. So in some states these girls are considered old enough to be having sex but they are still clearly children. On the other hand drawing the line at 18 seems a little unreasonable to me as well. I'm 19 and even though my decision making has changed and become more reasonable and mature since I was 16 it hasn't changed that dramatically.

I think the other aspect is that for modeling scouts, younger girls are a better prospect because being younger they are more malleable and can be taught to model before they have many preconceived notions. In the same vein, a girl discovered at 14 has years and years ahead of her, years when she'll turn a profit for the company. And finally as to why young girls model adult clothing I think it is in large part to it being much more difficult to maintain a figure that resembles a clothes hanger and has no curves when one is 30 as opposed to 15. Regardless what your view about stick-thin models is, they sell clothes at higher rates and they sell a dream to women saying that they aren't good enough because they are not slender or well dressed enough and feelings of inferiority drive sales.

Anyway sorry for the mini-post in your comments, I just really liked this post and the issue of age that it brought up :)


ashley @ ashleynicolecatherine said...

ginger, thanks for stopping by! i think this is a topic that should be talked about openly, so i appreciate your thoughts!

your blog looks great, but i didn't see any follow options...

Fé... said...

She reminds me a bit of Lara Stone. Her lips, God! Hahahahaha. Not really my favorite girl :p

Ginger said...

Thanks for the advice! All fixed now :)

gigi said...

i think she is great but if she had a normal size she wasn't a model..she has a face of a woman but a child's body.

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