17 February 2011

runway to red carpet: a toast to the oscars

17 February 2011
as mentioned on monday, this week i am participating in a blog crawl, dedicated to the oscars! given we're in the midst of the fall 2011 read-to-wear season, i couldn't help but play stylist and share my picks for the red carpet. knowing it's the oscars, you can be sure the gowns will be all drama and glamour, but along with the classic black choices, i envision major red moments. below are my picks, grouped by color. you may notice three of my choices are jason wu. this up-and-coming designer has the real mark of genius and i predict it will be his year to shine.

now the trick to taking something from the runway and putting it on the red carpet is styling. you must imagine some of these gowns without embellishments like gloves, belts, hair pieces. imagine the hair and makeup different and in some cases, the dresses themselves slightly changed. the spring 2011 rtw carolina herrera gown for instance, is one i could absolutely see on the red carpet, if the front panel was made all one color instead of the floral graphic. stylists can work with designers to remove or add elements, even change the color of a gown to suit a celebrity.

which gowns from 2011 collections are your favorites?

tomorrow, our oscars blog crawl continues with {av} of long distance loving, so be sure to stop by!

all that glitters
monique lhuillier fall 2011 rtw

michael kors fall 2011 rtw

donna karan fall 2011 rtw

elie saab spring 2011 couture

prabal gurung fall 2011 rtw

elie saab spring 2011 couture

red hot

monique lhuillier fall 2011 rtw

jason wu fall 2011 rtw

prabal gurung fall 2011 rtw

valentino pre-fall 2011

black beauties
monique lhullier fall 2011 rtw

oscar de la renta spring 2011 rtw

jason wu fall 2011 rtw

elie saab spring 2011 couture

jason wu spring 2011 rtw

oscar de la renta pre-fall 2011


marchesa spring 2011 rtw

donna karan spring 2011 rtw

carolina herrera spring 2011 rtw

deep hues

monique lhuillier fall 2011 rtw

lela rose fall 2011 rtw

donna karan fall 2011 rtw

images via vogue and vogue australia


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Gah...so much gorgeous!!! I can't even pick a favourite but on the list: the second of the shoulder Elie Sab (loved her entire collection,) the first black Monique Lhulllier, and the purple Lela Rose- I'm also very intriuged but the Carolina Herrera gown. Fabulously glamorous post- loved it!!

Jillian said...

so many gorgeous dresses! i am in love with everything jason wu does.. sigh. great picks lady! xoxo jcd

Googlover/keishua said...

So many pretty dress! great eye.

Staley Mc said...

I love all of these dresses! Fashion week really cranked out a lot of gorgeous dresses this time around!

Anya Rudn said...

Lovely post, such gorgeous dresses!
Great blog!

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Your newest follower

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Oh my word. So much pretty packed into this post! I don't think I can even begin to pick a favorite. It's on my bucket list to wear something like this, someday, somewhere:-) xoxo

diane @ a spot of whimsy said...

if this is how the red carpet turns out to be, we are in for some beautiful looks! i'm all about the elie saab. great post!

Melissa said...

LOVE this post... how fun would it be to wear these gorgeous creations!

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