31 May 2011

prabal gurung for j.crew lookbook

31 May 2011
i didn't think much of the prabal gurung looks for j.crew when i first saw them, but i'm loving this lookbook! the textures, proportions and colors are so fresh and feminine!

what do you think? do you like this j.crew/gurung collaboration?

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(Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle) said...

I must say never been a fan of J.Crew but lately they been stepping up their style and must say I'm loving all this looks right now and so want the pair of pants on your last pic..They're fabulous.
Thx for sharing doll


StyleID said...

I love it, the bow tops might not be for me but everything is adorable, elegant and chic.


Dora said...

I really like the fresh and minimal feel of the lookbook and the colors are just delightful.I love the fourth look :)

MG said...

I like it! The white suit is amazing.

Alysson said...

I am obsessed with Jcrew- I live in the same town as the headquarters...and they have warehouse sales every month with BOXES of Jcrew clothing at discounted prices.
How can I pass up such a great opportunity on getting such feminine sophisticated looks!

Thanks for sharing! These looks are all gorgeous and inspiring.


Things That Sparkle said...

Not only are the clothes gorgeous but the photography is stunning!

Isabel G. said...

I love this!!!


la petite coquine said...

I'm in complete agreement-I wasn't initially impressed, but this look book has totally changed my opinion!

alex said...

Love these shots, and the outfits are just gorgeous!

www.StarHughes.com said...

I love the white suit with black and white striped top!!! The dresses are beautiful - though I'm not sure I could get away with such big fabric flowers on me at school or work! :)
Star Hughes Living

Tamra of walkswithBella said...

Interesting photography angles. I love the first dress, and classic. The white suit is so timeless chic.

Not sure about the big pink flowers, but the tailored looks have my vote.

Danielle said...

freaking dying over the navy dress

Danielle {breakfast at toast} said...

LOVE. You always have the most gorgeous posts! xo

classiq said...

Oh, I do. Lovely neutrals revibed by pops of colour. Those turquoise shorts are so pretty. ps: I've left some awards on my blog for you. ;)

Dallas Shaw said...

just tweeted this post.

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