11 August 2011

hailey clauson for zara trf fall 2011

11 August 2011
how great is the fall zara trf line? these are a modern girl's classics with some killer styling. and of course hailey clauson is just gorgeous.

images via fgr


agnes szucs said...

i think these outfits and photos have a bit of '70s mood... Italy or France... love it!

agnes / iiiinspired

Staley Mc said...

Gorgeous!! I wish I had a Zara close by, thank goodness they are about to start online shopping in September!

Liz {Sequins And Stripes} said...

Zara has the most amazing jackets for fall, and she is so stunning!

classiq said...

I love the structured line of the 3rd coat, the trench coat and the green sweater. Their coats just get better and better. :)

Mo Pie, Please said...

These are fantastic! I love that green sweater and the raspberry coat!

Holly said...

ohmygosh! i want all of these! :)

la petite coquine said...

L O V E. I can't wait for fall shopping!

Ann said...

What a fab collection...

She's a gorgeous one,
and I love her lips!

Love the look on the first pic ♥

Anonymous said...

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