30 September 2011

friday link love

30 September 2011
photo: erin fee for fgr

happy happy friday! i'm super excited for tonight - my fiance and i are making moscow mules and then we're going to a mason jennings concert! what do you have on tap for the weekend?

whole lotta link love:


Alexa said...

Oooh so jealous of your night tonight. Enjoy the drinks and the concert! Love Mason Jennings!

Viviana said...

What a great date night! Have fun!

la petite coquine said...

Woohoo for Moscow Mules-have a wonderful weekend, darling!

Emma, Ella you pick! said...

Love the photo, have fun! :)

xo Emma

Krystal said...

I loved the j crew fall faves :) happy w/e!

Nadine said...

love love love!
Hope you had a great weekend :)


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