14 November 2011

wear it with: colored cords

14 November 2011
this week's "wear it with" installment features one of my favorite fall items: a colored corduroy pant. i have a pair of matchstick cords from j.crew that i love and add a punch of color that can be played up or down.


City Girl Chicago said...

I have navy cords that I have so much fun styling. I'm more of the first option myself, but I love the fun and whimsy of the second look!

Taylor said...

I have a pair from 3 years ago, the yr 'Crew came out with them - they are worn so much...not sure why I don't have more...but i agree, so fun - can dress them up or down with ease!

Alexa said...

Love it! I have rust colored and blue ones. So perfect for fall!

Sara said...

I have red cords and I love the pop of color. Great post!

Fit With Flash said...

with bunch of neutrals : ) love the outfit on the left!
waving hi from my hotel downtown!

Ivana said...

Love both these outfits! And that Michael Kors bag...swoon :)

Happy Monday!

xx Ivana

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to see you back there soon :)
Style in the City

la petite coquine said...

What darling looks! I still haven't gotten into punchy, colorful pants but I keep meaning to!

Julie and Lauren said...

I'm totally obsessed with my colored cords this season. They're redish/brick color. Such a perfect fall item! XO

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