21 December 2011

wedding details reveal: Liquid Courage Flasks

21 December 2011
who's excited for another wedding detail reveal? let's just say i've been on a roll, scouring the interwebs for unique artists and vendors that can help make our wedding extra special.

j and i have been thinking about what gifts to get our wedding party, but couldn't come up with anything truly awesome until i came across liquid courage flasks.

i love the idea of giving a personalized gift and liquid courage was the perfect choice to partner with for the groomsmen gifts! if you like monogramming as much as i do, you'll love their personalized flasks, which come in dozens of designs. here are my fave for the ladies:

but since the flasks are for the boys, i had to concentrate on something a little more manly and settled on these. aren't they hilarious?? i know for a fact at least two of the five groomies have a serious fondness for their facial hair, so i'm pretty sure they're going to get a kick out of these flasks.

images courtesy of liquid courage flasks

each groomsmen is getting a different mustache/beard and his name underneath. i'm giggling just thinking about the boys opening these. they will love them! so, which mustache is your fave? 


HRCK the Herald said...

Oh wow, I love these! What a great gift. My favorite mustache would be....#1, #7, # 6. Many of them!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

CUTE idea! i love the staches :) xo

christin said...

Personally, I've a big fan of the fu man chu or #5/#7

Whitney Cosgrave said...

those are so cute! that's a really good groomsmen gift. I think the bridesmaids would like them too - in a pretty chevron pink or something!

lucia m said...



Jackie {York Avenue} said...

I love the pink chevron! I know the boys wouldn't be too thrilled but those are just so cute. The mustache ones a great groomsman present, they will love them!

la petite coquine said...

Those mustaches are too funny! Love #7-very Super Troopers!

Tucker said...

i love these! cheers (:

Ly said...

The mustache ones are so funny. I love it.


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