02 February 2012

expert hair advice

02 February 2012
i am so excited to have my hair and makeup artist for the wedding (alex's makeup artist too!) guest posting today! carley martin is seriously talented and super fun to work with! she has a great sense of style and she knows how to style every hair type. check out her website for her gorgeous portfolio. carley has some great wedding and everyday hairstyle advice to share today. thanks, carley!

Modern bridal hairstyles have come a long way from their very stiff previous prom-like counterparts.  The two most popular styles include wearing hair down with full luscious curls or natural looking up-do's with a lot of volume.  These hairstyles require a lot of hair to work with, so if you are going without extensions, start growing your hair out now. Work together with your hairstylist to preserve as much length as possible, and also consult about the "bang" or "fringe" area, as the length of this hair will play a big role in the face framing pieces around your face.   Then finally after the wedding,  give your locks some love and try out a new, shorter style; afterall - it's a new, exciting chapter in your life so kick it off right!

Ashley has gorgeous hair to work with for the particular wedding-day style she wanted.  However, we started thinking ahead for new looks, and this adorable haircut would be perfect for her!  The bob can go two ways: either totally fabulous or really bad so invest in a quality haircut for a big change.  Since her hair is on the finer side, it's ideal to stick with as few layers as possible so the bottom layers don't end up stringy-looking and sparse.  You can play around with different partings and bang length; for Ashley, the long bang deeply parted on the side would work well with her beautiful strong jaw.  A little volumizing mouse, large round boar-bristled brush, and large velcro rollers will do the trick.  Finish with a light spritz of light hold hairspray, and you are good to go!   Here are my favorite products for this look:

How to style: 

1) Prep hair with a volumizing yet conditioning shampoo and conditioner.  I love the Kevin Murphy - it smells amazing and lasts a long time. 

2) Rake a small handful of volumizing mouse to your damp hair; make sure to saturate all the hair by applying the product in sections.

3) Blowdry your hair and remove 75% of the moisture.  Using horizontal sections, start with the nape of the neck working up using a large vented roundbrush.  This one is my favorite! 

4)  Finish with a quick spritz of light weight hairspray to lock it in, and you are good to go! 


sampenner said...

What a helpful post! I used to wear extensions but recently took them out and have shorter hair. This post was perfect for me! :)



Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

Love seeing Carley here! And love that haircut for you Ashley! I am doing a very similar cut the day after my wedding :)

Viviana said...

Fantastic and informative post! I wish I had read this before my wedding ;)

Allyson [Mimosas in the Morning] said...

Great tips! I'm definitely going to try that shampoo and conditioner!

Traci said...

Love the idea of changing it up after the wedding! The angel wash and rinse is what I am currently using and I love it! I also can't leave without the kevin murphy dry shampoo.

Taylor said...

Love this post - that haircut at the top is incredible! If I had good hair that cooperated ever I would want to try just that!

Anne Book/Signature Style said...

Really cute BLOG! Thank you SO much for stopping by on Wednesday! I love Kevin Murphy products! I use born again.

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