26 April 2012

skincare savvy

26 April 2012
over the last year or so i've started investing in high-end skincare products. my mom has instilled in me a habit of applying moisturizer night and day and for good reason; you should see her skin! she just turned 50, has barely any wrinkles, and hasn't had any cosmetic procedures. but buying moisturizers and the like off the drugstore shelf was always good enough for me.

it wasn't until i started dealing with blemishes for the first time (anyone else despise the word "acne"?) in my mid-twenties that i had to reconsiders my skin regimen. i had escaped my teens without the dreaded skin problems and suddenly they turned up out of no where. i'm happy to say my skin is under control with a retinoid gel (i use veltin), but that leaves my skin very sensitive and dry. most off-the-shelf moisturizers contain alcohol and other irritants and sting my skin like crazy.

i've had to look to higher quality products that have the moisturizing and anti-aging properties i'm looking for, without the harsh chemicals. it's a bit of trial and error because everyone's skin responds differently, but these are the products i don't mind spending good money on because they're effective and soothing to my skin.

so, i'm curious - are you a bargain beauty buyer or are there high-end products you can't live without?

skincare savvy



Liz {Sequins And Stripes} said...

This is so good to know, I feel like I am constantly floundering when it comes to skin care. I am making note of all of these, I want zero wrinkles when I'm 50!

Viviana said...

I really need to try these Mario Badescu products! People rave about them and I have yet to try any.

Taylor said...

I feel like I've started to get more sporadic "blemishes" that I ever did in my teens or in college? so strange to me! I have no tips - but I do know proactive has worked wonders for friends!

Alexa said...

Dude I get so many more blemishes now. Really irritating. Really annoying when I was pregnant. Looked like a teen again.

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

zero wrinkles at 50!?!?! good thing I do day and night moisturizing, but i haven't tried these products, thanks for the recommendations.

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

My husband worked in the skincare business for many years and I've tried A LOT of high end and value products......my favorite product by far is Olay Regenerist (in the red jar). Just turned 40 and I have very fair skin.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I'm embarrassingly cavalier about my skin, but the one thing I won't go without is Decleor Ylang Ylang–it's heaven!

alicia said...

great recommendations- I definitely am heavily into moisturizing...face, neck, body! haha

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