31 July 2012

menswear staples

31 July 2012

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zz top certainly had that right.

i'm becoming more and more interested in menswear because of the mr. - now that we're married, i've taken it upon myself to start buying him fashionable, tailored clothing since he is averse to spending money on himself. 

i still have a lot to learn, but have started with the essentials - dark wash jeans, slim fit button-down, light-weight sweater, dress shoes, nice watch and sunglasses, and a classic tie. like the much-loved white button-down or trench coat for women, these pieces are versatile and serve as building blocks for a great men's wardrobe.

what else would you consider a menswear staple?

menswear staples


Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

These photos are perfect–seriously, who doesn't love their cute man in a good pair of dark jeans and a crisp white shirt?

Josh said...

I'd think a well fitted, two button navy blazer would also be a good piece to get (no shiny buttons). Easy to dress up/down. And a distinct pair of flat front, no crease, no cuff khakis (though try not to pair with the blazer all too often). A simple, comfortable, but not schlubby fitting black t-shirt. And an upscale pair of brown boots. I'm also a fan of cotton henley tee's.

Also, underpants. Most of those jeans and khakis are gonna have zippers.

I am a guy though, so this could all be terribly wrong. Except the underpants, I am definitely correct about those.

Taylor said...

ooo hello james marsden :) completely agree. love the tie you picked!


Laura said...

Found you via my dearest friend Lena, and I'm so happy!
Your blog's wonderful and I love this outfit!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

smoking hot! i just convinced h to buy new socks.. most of his had holes in them... SO baby steps! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

The White Ruffle said...

love all of these ideas. i always love ray-bans on a guy. plus you can always borrow them, since they look great on ladies as well!

Viviana said...

I just immediately forwarded this to Kenny ;)

Johanna said...

I genuinely like shopping for my guy. As long as he doesn't mind my style or how I am trying to dress him...ha! Have fun!

Allyson [Mimosas in the Morning] said...

You've got that right! So I bought my boyfriend that watch for his birthday... now I just need to get on everything else! lol

classiq said...

A good suit. Every man should have a suit that fits him perfectly in his wardrobe. And loafers for summer worn without socks, another wardrobe essential. Oh, I miss working in men's fashion. :)

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