23 July 2012

yay for weddings!

23 July 2012
one of my very best friends got engaged over the weekend and i am SO excited for her and for the wedding planning to begin!! it gives me a whole new reason to pour over pinterest and bridal mags!

one of the things we're both excited to discover is what her bridal style will be.

will it be princess?

...or modern?


or statement?

...or romantic? or...?

 gowns 1 & 3 via j.crew; gowns 2 & 4 via bhldn


Koru Kate {Koru Wedding} said...

Congratulations to your friend! I love weddings so much too :-) Enjoy every moment of the planning!!

Despina T. said...

the romantic and the princess one look very beautiful and cute.great choices!

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

I love all of these!! Just stunning...
Have a wonderful week, Hun!

Erin N said...

Oh my goodness so many choices! And they are all beautiful. Thanks, love! :) May the planning begin!

Viviana said...

That second dress is unbelievable!

wedding planning education said...

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Julie and Lauren said...

Ooh love that modern one actually, gorgeous!

John said...

Thanks to share this wonderful wedding dresses here. especially that white color dress is like more brides on our wedding day functions. That's look very pretty.

classiq said...

I like the silhouette of the modern dress. :)
PS: Ashley, I've sent you an email. Has it reached you ok? :)

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