11 October 2012

gilded goodies from zara home

11 October 2012
like i'm sure many of you were, i scoured zara home as soon as i heard word that it launched and let me say, it was worth the wait. the housewares are current, stylish, and better yet, priced really well.

when i saw the bevy of gold accessories, i immediately thought of my girl cave and how nicely they would fit in.

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as i've mentioned before, the mr. isn't a huge fan of gold or brass decor, so when i do set up my girl cave it will be a gold explosion. don't you think the gold accessories below would look great in the girl cave? me too!

if you've had a chance to check out zara home, what were your favorite items?

gilded goodies

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alongobucco said...

I like to refer to Zara home as the death of my paycheck. Seriously.

The Glossy Life

The Now said...

Excuse me!!!! Can thus e my den please?!? Love that little gold piggy and love Zara home! Yippppee! Xoxox

Annie said...

Oh god. Want everything. So hard to restrain myself. Bahhh

Alex said...

I've been dying for all of this. It's been SO HARD trying not to buy everything. I want it all :(

Alexa said...

Love all of the leopard and the gold!

Shari said...

I'm LOVING that gold frame. So pretty. :)

Emily Marie {Isnt That Charming} said...

Ohhh I love all of these picks! And, I'm with you, I adore gold decor (even if the men hate it). It's your girl cave, glam it out!
Isn’t That Charming.

livlovelaugh said...

this is awesome! A Girl Cave!!! What a brilliant idea!!! i love the things you've picked out!


V said...

Zara is already such a big temptation and now that they have Zara home! So many pretty pretty items.


Priscilla said...

Nice Post,I wanna see More of It,Please Keep them Coming! (^_^)

PS: Can you please check out my new post and leave me a comment if you have time? Thnks.. MWahh

Blow A Rainbow
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I'll wait you on my blog dear.Have a Nice Day!

Alison Dulaney said...

I can't get over how gorgeous all of their pieces are!

Viviana said...

Zara rocks. That's all I can say.

Haus and Home said...

I heard about Zara home but had not seen any of the items yet, thanks for the scoop!

Zé Pedro Rodrigues said...

Loved the post, gorgeous objects!
Zé Pedro

Chrissi Holt said...

Hi !!! I LOVE gold so much :) Zara home is one of my favourite homeware shops here in London. One that my husband to be dislikes visiting !!! Sweet blog btw :) thanks for passing by mine and leaving such a wonderful comment !!

Love Chrissi xo


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