16 October 2012

have this? need that!

16 October 2012
i'm bringing back the "have this? need that!" series today with a fall-flavored point of view. having grown up in texas, i never paid much attention to cold weather clothing. jackets, scarves and the like were utilitarian and i only reluctantly spent money on them. it was much more fun to buy sundresses, sandals and sunnies.

it wasn't until i moved to the midwest that i realized that accessories that protected me from the elements were important and would become a large part of my wardrobe. i learned how to layer properly and moreover, that these pieces could be cute and stylish.

my hunter wellies are a must-have for rainy chicago days and they wouldn't be complete without cozy knit accessories. socks that peek out of the top of the boots, a scrunchy beanie, and a great scarf can be worn with a skirt and sweater on warmer days and with jeans and a jacket as the days get colder.

i realized after i put these pieces together that the colors are pretty much identical to this outfit post and had to laugh. what can i say: at least i'm consistent? all joking aside, these colors are on-trend and work well together.

have this? need that!

                                                                                  boots | hat | socks | scarf


Alison Dulaney said...

Love it!We have been having so much rain here in NYC, I need a pretty scarf too.


Alex said...

Love Hunters, and I've actually never tried to wear a beanie. Perhaps it's time to start!

alongobucco said...

I love my Hunter rain boots (I have them in yellow!). They are a godsend in NYC when it gets all slushy and nasty in the winter!

The Glossy Life

classiq said...

The accessories make the outfit. :)

Rachel said...

I have cheap Target rain boots and hope someday to splurge on those Hunters!

Life Unsweetened

Annie said...

Oh yeah, a girl living in the midwest needs such things! (having just moved from MI to Seattle) It's occurred to me that I need to amp up my rain gear considerably. Seattle doesn't get as cold as Michigan, so I may not need my snow boots, but I think I do need at least two pairs of rain boots!

Shari said...

Being from FL, I cannot agree with you more. Funny how our "necessities" change. :)

Marie said...

I need to get that hunter wellies! Looks chic ;)

Julie said...

Love those winter accessories! Great picks. xo, Julie

Elizabeth // The Now said...

Well I love your boots {I have them in orange} and need all the cold weather gear too!! Love that little beanie you picked!!! xoxo

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

I have the same Texan issues, winter wardrobes make my head spin! I do need a new pair of wellies, and I'm totes getting the hunters.

livlovelaugh said...

I knooooow! Arrested Development is the best. I'm so excited it's finally coming out in a movie!

Also.... so true about this 'have this- need that' series...


Lexi said...

I'm from Miami, so I too have no idea how to dip into the world of cool-weather-wear! Although wellies are certainly helpful down South!
♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

ah, i need those rain boots! they are so perfect for any outfit!

lindsey louise


Fash Boulevard said...

obsessed with hunters. fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest post and two page magazine spread. Eek. :) xo


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