24 October 2012

the working girl's office stash: part one

24 October 2012
i recently shared tips for building a versatile work wardrobe and today is all about what to stash at your "office." where ever you work, whether it's home, downtown, in a high-rise, or out in the suburbs, having these items on hand can be a life-saver.

finding time to work out during a busy day can be tough, but if you're prepared with a packed bag of gym clothes, when a 30-minute window in your day opens up, you'll be ready. having your workout clothes on hand might also motivate you to get moving! if you work in the corporate world, a sleek, black bag like this one will keep you looking professional.

having a pair or two of neutral shoes on hand is a must, especially for the city girl who commutes - you can keep them in a drawer at the office or carry them along in your bag, but either way, they go with everything and won't get ruined on a rainy day.

leaving a cardigan or blazer hanging on the back of your desk chair means you won't freeze on a particularly chilly day or will be ready for that impromptu meeting with the client.

stay tuned for part two tomorrow!

the working girl's office stash part one (A)

the working girl's office stash part one


Viviana said...

Love this! My office stash is full of shoes and chunky sweaters for cold days in the office.

Julie and Lauren said...

Honestly, this is so true! I always laugh bc I'm a total 'bag lady'- I carry my purse, a bag with heels and my gym bag with me everyday and I look ridiculous shlepping it with me everywhere. I need a new gym system for sure.

Rachel said...

In the winter, sometimes I wear crappy boots and then change when I get in the office, so extra shoes are a must!

Life Unsweetened

Holly {All Things Charming} said...

This is such a great list, Ashley! Can't wait to see part two :)

Emily Marie {Isnt That Charming} said...

Great suggestions! Cardigans & blazers are always a must in my wardrobe, too!
Isn’t That Charming.

Koru Kate {Koru Wedding} said...

Great suggestions! When I commuted, the extra shoes were a must.

Alex said...

Currently, I have a drawer full of shoes next to me and another drawer with a few cardigans :) You just never know what you'll need, so it's nice to have things handy. I also keep a drawer full of snacks so I'm not tempted to buy things from the vending machine!

Annie said...

Love this!! Even though I don't work from an office, I am (obviously) such a firm believer in being prepared by having with you whatever you might need throughout the day. So helpful!

j whitney nic said...

LOVE THIS POST! So helpful, must remember to bring neutral shoes - lifesaver!

navy and orange said...

I always have a gym bag at the ready even though my "office" is the hospital!

xoxo navy & orange

Hallie said...

This is spot-on, lady. Love it! I am totally That Girl who has, like, three gym bags under her desk because I always end up working late/never making it to the gym... Hehe, oops.

Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

Oh man, you're making me feel like I need to work out! To be honest, I've pushed working out as my lowest priority, but I need to get it together and get my butt in gear (literally and figuratively).

Great post!

Alison Dulaney said...

These are fabulous staples!

alongobucco said...

The amount of shoes under my desk is borderline embarrassing. Flats are a must in the city, but I love heels in the office!

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