22 November 2012


22 November 2012

since today is all about giving thanks, i leave you with a reflection on the things i am thankful for: 

our family. my family went from, i-can-count-them-on-one-hand to almost-too-many-to count this year and i couldn't be happier. i love my little family in texas with all my heart and i feel blessed to be welcomed into a big, loving family which is mostly here in the midwest.

our jobs. i am grateful for the opportunity to work - the cherry on top is that i love my job and the people i work with!

our health. i am so thankful that we are both healthy and for the access to great healthcare.

our love. i referenced it here and don't know if i can say it any more succinctly. i am thankful my husband loves me wholly and unconditionally, for his kind and gentle way; for building me up and giving me courage, for making me feel beautiful, but never making me feel like that's what he loves most about me. for the little things like cutting the crusts off my sandwiches, never eating the last cookie, running to the store when i'm not looking because we're out of ice cream/wine/my allergy medication. for cooking me dinner almost every  night and cleaning up around the house. for getting me flowers every month on our anniversary just like his grandpa did for his grandma. for making me want to be a better, kinder, more giving person. 

so, that was sappy and now i made myself cry. happy thanksgiving! 

i'm off the rest of this week, celebrating with my in-laws. i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday and safe travels!


classiq said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ashley! :)

Emily Marie {Isnt That Charming} said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ashley!

Annie said...

Love this list. So right on. Happy thanksgiving ANC!

diane @ a spot of whimsy said...

my goodness gracious, that was beautiful!!! happy thanksgiving :)

lilycatherine said...

Beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Melissa said...

Whoa, I totally teared up. So much to be thankful for. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)

Margaret F said...

You are one lucky girl! Happy belated thanksgiving! :) Xo

Michaela said...

So, so sweet. Love writing out the things I'm thankful for. It totally puts life into perspective and makes me so grateful!

Anonymous said...

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