07 December 2012

two exciting announcements!

07 December 2012
i am thrilled to announce that gorgeous sarah of chic sprinkles is working on a major redesign for ANC and we hope to launch the new site before the holidays! you might have seen on facebook or twitter that you can now reach ANC directly at www.ashleynicolecatherine.com and what better way to celebrate a new domain than with an updated look?

i got a sneak peek into the new site last week and let's just say it's amazing

but back to sarah... you may remember seeing her gorgeous wedding back in december! other than being an incredibly talented graphic designer and photographer, sarah is really the sweetest girl you could meet. we totally bonded over our similar aesthetic and i'm pretty sure we're long lost sisters. 

sarah is also a contributor to pretty fluffy, a lifestyle blog for pup owners and she and founder, serena, just launched their first ever e-book!

the e-book is a must have for any dog owners interested in creating healthy, wholesome, and seriously cute treats for their pup! or for someone like me, who dreams of making a cake with pink frosting for a little pug. or cavalier. or frenchie. 

details on the e-book courtesy of pretty fluffy below:

What's it all about?
The idea behind 52 Weeks of Treats is simple. There are 52 weeks in the year and this book has 26 recipes - one for each fortnight. We have split the recipes into four seasons, allowing your dog to enjoy icy cold treats in Summer and filling, hearty snacks in the cooler months. Recipes have been based around cooking methods (who wants to bake in summer?) and seasonal produce to ensure your dog is getting the best nutritional value from everyday fruits and vegetables. All ingredients are human grade. In fact many of a recipes you’ll find yourself wanting to make for yourself!

What are some of the recipes?
Without giving too much away here are some of our favourite recipes from the eBook...
Cinnamon Honey Donuts
Raspberry & Coconut Bark
Hearty Beef Bites
Sweet Potato Pretzels
Raw Cranberry-Date Bites
+ Many more....

I'm no Masterchef. Will I be able to make these treats?
Possibly the #1 goal of this eBook was to keep it simple. We estimated each of you would have around half an hour each week to devote to making treats, and no time for fussy recipes or long lists of obscure ingredients. The recipes in 52 Weeks of Treats are based around quick, easy and approachable recipes that share staple ingredients, cooking methods and basic kitchen equipment. With easy to follow instructions, each recipe should take around 30 minutes or less to make – leaving more time for you and your dog to enjoy playtime!

My dog has allergies. Is this book allergy friendly?
While most of our treat recipes are allergy friendly, we've also included a healthy allergy alternative guide for pooches with sensitivity towards wheat, gluten, eggs and dairy.

What do I get when I buy the eBook?
26 Easy and Nutritious Dog Treat Recipes to keep your dog happy and healthy!
Separate section just for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays.
Healthy Allergy Alternatives Guide
Illustrated Pantry and Shopping Guide
Handy Apps Guide
Dog Treat Cooking Handy Hints
Handy List of Health Benefits of Foods Safe for Dogs.

does that not sound amazing? clickity-click the button below and enter promo code PRETTY40 to download the e-book at 40% off - but hurry! this price is only good today!


Margaret F said...

How cute! Love the idea! My Smokey sure would appreciate this e-book. I should probably learn to feed my fiance though, before the dog :P I'm a horrible chef! Hopefully once we get settled into a new home I'll be able to do fun stuff like this. Have a great weekend! Xo

emily fitzgerald {once in a blue room} said...

can't wait to see the new look!

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

I'm so looking forward to seeing your new web design! I hope you have a fantastic weekend, Ashley!

Annie said...

So exciting!!!!! I can't wait to see the new design!!!

Chrissi Holt said...

That's insanely sweet ! Shame I don't have a doggie i'd spoil him rotten !

Love Chrissi xo


Thread. The. Needle said...

looking forward to seeing the new look :)


zhanna said...

I cant wait for the new design and what a great idea for the e-book.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Eep–can't wait to see the new site!!

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