04 January 2013


04 January 2013
illustration by izak zenou

with the start of the new year and the flurry of articles and blog posts on resolutions, i have been thinking a lot about my own goals for the new year, goals for james and my relationship.

i don't know that i will write down a list of resolutions this year. although i'm the goal-oriented, list-loving type, i want 2013 to be more about intention and cultivating a lifestyle that makes me happy.

emily's resolve to leave work earlier, av's get real pledge, and this article reminded me that being plugged in 24/7 isn't what energizes, motivates, or inspires me. it leaves me feeling drained, really. this blog is absolutely a creative outlet for me and i love the interaction i have with my readers through it. that being said, there's a huge part of me that needs to shut off the screens and create with my hands. to write the old-fashioned way. to get out and do

i think it's particularly challenging for bloggers because we want to be accessible. we don't want to miss out and we definitely don't want people to forget about us. i feel pressured to keep up with the "big guys" by posting amazing, perfectly designed content daily, but the fact of the matter is that i have a full-time job that i actually really like, a marriage to nurture, and hobbies and interests outside blogging that make me happy.

so, this year, i'm going to take some of that pressure off. i removed the GFC counter from my home page, i'm not going to stress over my stats, and i'm going to show myself some grace. i will work hard to unplug more often and for longer periods of time. i will encourage my husband to do the same so we can enjoy our time together without distractions. i will read more books, play more music, explore more of my city, and get together with my friends more often. 

these are my intentions. what are yours?

2013 intentions


Lisa said...

I think this is a wonderful resolution that tons of people can relate to, myself included! As soon as blogging feels more like a chore than a joy, I try to take a little break--whether I need fifteen minutes to go for a walk around the block or a week off to concentrate on other things. I feel like giving myself time to re-energize and get inspired always ends up making my blog content better anyway!

Koru Kate {Koru Wedding} said...

Amen. I unplugged for 2 weeks from blogging & Twitter for the holiday season & it was so refreshing. Best wishes to you in 2013~

Emily Marie {Isnt That Charming} said...

LOVED this post. It's so refreshing when bloggers recognize that while the blog world is amazing & filled with creative inspiration, the real world is oh-so important to nurture.

Cheers to 2013, Ash. You know you are one of my favs, and I'm looking forward to everything that the new year will bring to you & your blog! Let's grab lunch again soon, I loved our brainstorming session. ;)

{PS - Thank you for the shout out!!}

alongobucco said...

I love this, Ashley! It's so easy to get wrapped up in stats and followers and things that at the end of the day don't equate to happiness. I'm making an effort to shut off more and put stock in the important parts of my life that matter most. Funny enough, I find that less time "dialed in" leave me even more inspired! Cheers to 2013! xo

The Glossy Life

Rachel said...

You can definitely go crazy over stats- but they don't even matter that much! Same thing with comments- so many people read blogs but don't comment, or they read them in their email and never click out (hence, it wont show up as a stat). I think people tend to view life and blogging as some sort of competition, and it's not. It's a hobby!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Sounds FANTASTIC. As much as we all adore blogging, there's so much wonderful stuff to see in the world–and all of it makes us better, more interesting bloggers in the end!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Looks like you're on track for a vear happy 2012. Good luck :)

Annie said...

Could not love this post more. So much of what you said resonated so strongly with me. There was a mock-card floating around a little while ago that said something like, "I can't go to sleep! There's stuff happening on the internet!" And as ridiculous as it sounds, I really do get that feeling sometimes. Like, oh god, I'm missing out on stuff, stuff is happening that I'm not in the loop on. But of course, I think part of being an online user has to come with the knowledge that, just like the world, there's a much, much wider network of information and events than one person could ever keep up with. So just know that. And then participate when you can/ choose to. I love your intention to set a limit on how much you allow yourself to be sucked up into this online sphere, and instead to invest in your real one.

diane @ a spot of whimsy said...

yes!!!! such good thoughts

Johanna said...

I love this and I can relate on so many levels. These are goals/resolutions we can for sure keep!

Johanna said...

I love this and I can relate on so many levels. These are goals/resolutions we can for sure keep!

Amanda said...

I totally love this post! And couldn't agree more. We all need a little "disconnect" every once in awhile. I find I'm more creative after I've logged off.

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