27 February 2013

high-low pairing

27 February 2013
today's post is inspired by one of the write-in recommendations from my survey, asking me to explain how i pair higher-priced items with lower-priced ones. this high-low pairing is a great way to save and still follow trends without breaking the bank.

i said it before in my workwear essentials post and i'll say it again: a pencil skirt, particularly a black one, is a staple every woman should have in her wardrobe. i would recommend investing in a quality skirt and have this be your "high" item. and to keep things simple, we'll look at one retailer for "low" item in this pairing. LOFT is a favorite of mine for affordable, but fashionable tops, like this cardigan. 

pencil skirts + tops

now let's take a look at how we might wear these skirts and tops...

skirt and top pairings

skirt 1 (50% off!) | skirt 2 (65% off!) | skirt 3 | skirt 4 | skirt 5 | skirt 6 (30% off!) | skirt 7
top 1 | top 2 | top 3 | top 4 | top 5 | top 6top 7 | top 8

a couple of things to keep in  mind:

the most important thing to consider when choosing a skirt is fit - you want the skirt to hug you in the right places without being too tight. my favorite fit is a high-waisted pencil skirt that hits just below the knee.

you can never go wrong by tucking in a silk camisole or shell into your skirt and topping with a cardigan. 

so, what do you think? is this helpful? what other styling or beauty advice would you like to see?

and if these options weren't enough, you can shop more LOFT tops below:


Emily said...

Hands-down agree that a pencil skirt is something every woman should own. I have a blue one that I invested in this season and I adore it - it's so versatile. Also loved your suggestions on how to style the skirt!

Isn’t That Charming.

Alyssa said...

Great post! I feel like if you have a bunch of fun basics, the number of outfits you make can be endless!

Rachel said...

Fun post! I have a cardigan in every color just so I can mix and match with bottoms!

Jen said...

Such a lovely post! I wish I could only wear expensive pieces everyday but the reality is I don't have a bottomless bank account so these tips are great!

xo jen

Annie said...

So true!! The pencil skirt I own has come in handy on so many occasions.

The Now said...

Do you know I do NOT have a pencil skirt? I used to but I don't anymore. I loooove that hot pink one that is on SALE, but def. need a basic black one!!! xox

Alison Dulaney said...

I love a classic pencil skirt! Love how you styled them!


taylor said...

love this post! i love a good pencil skirt - especially the pink(s) and yellow that you chose.


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