22 February 2013

THE blush you need

22 February 2013
first off, a big thank you to those who have taken my survey about ANC! i love my readers and want you to keep coming back, so thank you for your suggestions and ideas! if you haven't taken it yet and want to, clickity click HERE

one of the topics you said you wanted to see more of is beauty and i aim to please.

i have professed my love of the book how to look expensive on ANC before and today i reference again because it introduced me to the best beauty purchase i have made in the last year. i give you... "the multiple" in orgasm by nars.

it's called "the multiple" because you can wear it on your eyes, cheeks, and lips; although i would recommend using it sparingly on your lips because it can look dried out. lustig specifically references "the multiple" in orgasm several times in her book, so much so, that i decided to give it a try.

it's no secret that the orgasm blush shade has been acclaimed by beauty experts the world over for working with every skin tone, but when i tried the powder blush a couple of years ago, i wasn't all that impressed. the powder looked flat on my face and the color wasn't interesting enough for me to leave my laura mercier spiced cider. so, i didn't have high hopes for "the multiple," but boy was i wrong!

the cream blush is luminous, giving an effortless, subtle flush that truly looks natural. i find it brings out the pink in my lips, so i don't need to wear lipstick or lipgloss to finish my look. but there is definitely a "right" way to apply this product. i had the resident artist at the nars counter at macy's break it down for me and i created the chart below to share with you.

how to apply cream blush

i am a total believer of the multiple and would highly recommend it! i'd love to hear if you try it out or if you already have it, if you try my recommended application method.

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Alyssa said...

This NARS stick is perfection. I picked it up on a whim about a month ago, and I've used it every.single.day since. I honestly think there's hardly a need for other makeup when you have this guy around. Although, I've never applied it this way, so I'm gong to have to get on that!

Sarah | Chic Sprinkles said...

We are soo sisters. I LOVE the multiple!! I have it im Maui and have been using it for a few years. I did use their creme blush when it came in the little compact (pre-Multiple) and then they discontinued my color. So I was over the moon when the Multiple came out! I will have to give this color a try too - it looks realllly pretty. Do you have luck putting it on with your fingers? I find it blends super nicely when I use a blending brush just real lightly. I sort of have a complex of putting anything on with my fingers lol I'm not that good at it! I'm sure this color looks gorg on you :)

stephanie court said...

I actually do need a new blush. Good timing :)

Alison Dulaney said...

I love the Mulitiple! The orgasim and portofino are my favorites that have been in my makeup bag for years!

Jen said...

Thanks for introducing me to that book, I can't wait to read it! I've definitely seen the multiple at Sephora but I've never given it a try. That will totally be changing the next time I'm in!

xo jen

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