27 March 2013

non-toxic beauty products

27 March 2013
in effort to live a little healthier, i have been taking a look at the ingredients and chemicals in my beauty products, thanks to the environmental working group's cosmetics database. and it's been pretty scary - one product i had been using for years has formaldehyde in it, which is known human carcinogen. nasty.

if you're interested, check out the EWG - it's non-profit environmental health research and advocacy organization. it's the same organization that publishes the "dirty dozen" annually, a list of foods with the highest levels of pesticide residue.

so, i've decided to start trying non-toxic products (note: not the same as "natural") and came up with the initial list below.

non-toxic products

i'll do a review of these products after i've had a chance to really test them out, but i can tell you i'm already loving the korres shower gel and body butter!

i've been stalking the beauty palette for product reviews, but i want to know: do you have any non-toxic beauty products you love?


Rachel said...

I have the Tarte finishing powder- love it! And I've heard great things about all the "Kiss my Face" products as well

Alison Dulaney said...

I know, that database is scary! These are great picks - the tarte mascara is fabulous!

Alyssa said...

I've heard great things of Korres products, I've been dying to try them! It's kind of scary when you think about all the wild things we put on our skin, etc. so I've been making an effort to go more natural too. I can't wait to hear what you think about the rest of these!

Viviana Carmona said...

I'm seriously bookmarking this post and logging on to Amazon right away. I need half these things!

Jessica Lee said...

Aluminum-free deodorant! Homemade by a cool girl in Brooklyn, smells like a spa. And it works, too! http://www.soapwallakitchen.com/product/deodorant-cream

Maya McDonald said...

Korres is my fave! They make the best and longest lasting products I've ever used {and they smell amazing!} Love the info, thanks for sharing :)


Alexa Evans said...

Seriously a great roundup! I've been trying to the same actually! :)

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