01 March 2013

on girlfriends

01 March 2013

there's nothing quite like a great girlfriend is there? if you've read my new about me page, you know how i feel about it. 

it wasn't until my bridal shower and bachelorette, when most of them were together - friends made in different times in my life - all getting along and laughing together, that i realized the extent of my girlfriend family.

my girls have been there through scary times, they have stuck up for me and supported me, and they have taught me about forgiveness. i love that my relationship with each one is real, colored by serious moments, but more often than not, we're having fun together.

it feels a bit lazy to lump them all into one group because they are all so unique, but i can say that a common thread is that they're all intelligent, talented, kind, driven, humble, and fun-loving. so, yeah, they're pretty much the best.

do you have great girlfriends in your life? are you like me and think they're a special kind of family?

*all photos my own


Rachel said...

Thought that was Jessica Alba... oh wait it was just you! :) I rarely get to see some of my best girlfriends because we all live far away (or have moved for jobs, grad school, etc.) but when we do get together, it's like nothing ever changed.

ashley nicole catherine said...

haha aw you're sweet! and isn't that the true test of friendship? doesn't matter how long it's been since you've seen someone, you pick up right where you left off :)

diane {a spot of whimsy} said...

:) such a sweet post!

Lena Leson said...

Such a wonderful tribute to your besties! Mine are spread across the country these days, but they are the sisters my parents never gave me!

Alyssa said...

You are so pretty! I can't agree more about having a "girlfriend family." My girlfriends are the most important thing in my life and I can't imagine making it through day-to-day without them. We're all so close and they're some of the most supportive, amazing women I know. It sounds like you have a smilar group surrounding you–definitely a blessing!

disqus_JQHxA4St0V said...

You DO have an amazing "gf family" they are all so lovely, sweet and talented. Was that a must in the application process?

Emily said...

This was such a sweet post! I couldn't agree more - having a great group of girlfriends is one of the most important parts of my life. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such a strong group of women, as are you! Cheers to the ladies. :)

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