18 March 2013

packing light for vacation

18 March 2013
before we dive in, i want to say thank you for the sweet comments last week! i was sick for a week straight, but i'm on the mend.

today's post is 100% inspired by my excitement about our upcoming vacation to the riviera maya. it isn't until may (why didn't i book earlier??), but that's besides the point. i'm already dreaming about sunny beaches, local shopping, and romantic dinners.

i'm a big fan of packing light on trips and avoid checking a bag when i can. i find when i overpack, i haven't planned efficiently and i haven't included the most versatile items. to avoid hauling multiple bags, pick pieces that you can mix and match and visualizing how you'll pair them ahead of time. for example, a staple like a neutral tank or tee is a no-brainer because you can pair it with any color pant, skirt, short, etc.

below is a guide to packing light that will give you well over a week's worth of outfit options.

packing light for vacation

now let's take a look at how we might pair some of these pieces to create several different outfits:

packing light: mix n match


Alyssa said...

This is a perfect list! I have a vacation with girlfriends planned in a few weeks, and I'm really trying to pack light so I don't have to check my bag. Definitely book marking this for later!

Rachel said...

Great tips and list! I love the way you remixed the clothes!

jillian said...

im glad to hear that you are feeling better! loving this collection of springy dresses! i cant wait til it gets warm!!! xo

Alison Dulaney said...

So glad you are feeling better!! These pieces are so pretty and I am obsessed with that water color maxi!

Emily Fitzgerald said...

this is perfect! i'm trying to get better about overpacking and it's so helpful to have a "guide" to start from!

taylor said...

OK I need you to be my vacation stylist. I CANNOT pack at all. I bring 97 things and then feel like I have nothing. I'm going to savannah and hilton head next week and am already freaking out about what to pack for 3 days (and technically i dont even need anything really cute yet I keep wanting to bring things as if we're doing fancy activities!?)

glad you are feeling better!


Lena Leson said...

A vacation sounds absolutely divine–and what a chic traveler you are! I usually stick to a single color palette to keep things stupid simple–for our Southern road trip this June, I'm thinking red, white and navy!

Maya McDonald said...

I'm so happy to hear that you're finally feeling better! Being sick is the worst :( I love these combos, they will all be perfect for Mexico (jealous!). It's a bummer it's a few months away, but it gives you more time to look forward to it :)


Viviana Carmona said...

So exciting! The outfits are perfect for a nice relaxing warm weather vacay. xo

Jen PearlsandLace said...

Great tips! I'm so excited for your trip to Mexico, I'm going to Kauai in May too so we can be grumpy together that May still seems so far away! I'm notorious for over packing so I'm going to try really hard to stick to a few key pieces for this trip...not sure how well that's going to go over but we'll see lol.

xo jen

The Now said...

Omg what a great post!!! A. I am so excited about your trip and B. you can never go wrong with packing maxi's for the beach!!

bulkmarketplaza said...

Great post...have an safe journey and outstanding trip...:)

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