19 April 2013

diy: how to reupholster a chair seat

19 April 2013

i 'm so excited to share my most recent DIY with you today!

well, i really shouldn't say my DIY because i couldn't have done this without james' help - it's really a two-person job. we referenced two online tutorials for the project - here and here - and made some adjustments along the way.

we recovered two chair seats that measured about 15x14 in. and used 3/4 yd. fabric. the fabric is a faux crocodile leather we found at joann's for less than $8. true story.

oh, and we have chair sliders on the base of each chair leg to save the wood floors, but to jazz them up after reupholstering the seats, i painted them a metallic brass color.

- fabric
- batting
- foam
- scissors
- pliers
- screwdriver
- heavy-duty staple gun
- 5/16 in. staples
- spray adhesive

flip chair over and unscrew seat from chair frame.

remove staples, backing, fabric, batting, foam, and fabric from seat. if your chair is more than 5 years old, consider tossing everything. putting new foam on your seat will breath new life into the chair, not to mention, make it more comfortable.

cut foam, batting, and fabric. i'm a nerdbird and measured it out, but you can probably eyeball the measurements - just make sure to err on the side of too much material vs. too little.

cut foam 1/2 inch larger than seat.
cut batting 3 inches larger than seat. 
cut fabric 4 inches larger than seat. 

*love note on seat is optional

spray wooden seat with spray adhesive and carefully center foam on top. it will bind immediately, so there's no drying time.

set cut fabric down on a workspace, place batting on top, and stack seat with adhered foam on top of the batting.

gently stretch batting and fabric over the back of the seat and staple the fabric in the center of all four sides.

if your fabric has a pattern, now is a good time to flip the seat over to see if it is centered.

continue stapling one side by gently tugging fabric until is is taut, then move to the opposite side and again stretch fabric before stapling. repeat for remaining sides. 

*we had to run out to get a heavy-duty upholstery staple gun and i stretched the fabric while james stapled. if you manage to get a wooden seat with new foam stapled by yourself, i tip my cap to you.

that's it! once the fabric and batting is safely stapled, screw the seat back into the chair and you're done. 


Rachel said...

My aunt does this all the time and I'm amazed at how she does it! I actually have a vanity chair that is falling apart, so I should try this some weekend!

Alyssa said...

You did a great job with this, Ashley! I'm all about repurposing old furniture. I used all old stuff for my apartment and gave it a new life!

jillian said...

so impressive! you are so crafty! the final chairs look great! xoxo

Short and Sweet Blog said...

Oh my gosh! It came out so well Ashley! Yeah for a DIY!

Emma said...

Love it, pretty new chairs!!!!


Victoria // Oh So Pretty said...

I've always wanted to do this! So pretty! Thank you for sharing!

Mira Devils said...

Well done. Looks really great. Don´t know if I could do it too :)



meghan silva said...

This is such an awesome DIY post , thank you for sharing.

Meghan Silva's Blog

Jen PearlsandLace said...

Oh I absolutely love this Ashley! It seems so straight forward and totally doable! Now if only I had a chair worth reupholstering!

xo jen

Joelle Duff said...

You're so much more technical and fancy at this than I am! I just put the new fabric over the old ;)

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