03 April 2013

love it. want it.

03 April 2013
i am still planning on reviewing my haul of new non-toxic beauty products, but in the meantime, i want to share another love it. want it. with you today!

let me start by saying i am a fool for lip color. it is so hard for me to resist buying new glosses, lipsticks, stains, you name it. maybe because they're so pretty or maybe because buying one little tube won't break the bank, but i keep adding to my collection and somehow never finish a single product without buying a new one.

let me also tell you i almost always have buyer's remorse. it's not that i don't enjoy my new colors, believe me, i like having a collection to choose from, but somehow the color doesn't seem quite right once i've taken it home. i've shared before that i'm pretty picky when it comes to lipsticks and perhaps i just lose interest quickly, but i am here to say that i am obsessed with tarte's lipsurgance in achiote. seriously obsessed.  

it's a bit like a lip crayon/lipstick/balm all in one. considered a lip treatment, this color is seriously hydrating and gives off a subtle shimmer. the color and prismatic nature of the product works really well with the multiple in orgasm (see my post on how to apply here) and nepal eyeshadow, both by nars. the nars products are not all-natural, but i'm hooked and they look lovely together.

love it, want it

lip color | sunless tanner

what i haven't tried, but have my eye on, is one of the very few natural sunless tanners on the market. after over a decade of living in the midwest (can't quite believe that myself!), my skin is a lovely shade of paste. i try to stay out of the sun because, you know, cancer and wrinkles suck, but i'd still like a little glow.

chocolate sun cocoa glow sunless tanning is seems pretty pricey, but the reviews are great and you can't argue with an organic product! i'd love to know: have you tried any natural self tanning products?


Alison Dulaney said...

I agree, the tarte lipsurgence is a fabulous product! The shades are just so pretty!

Cara Gardner said...

gonna check these babies out!

ashley nicole catherine said...

let me know if you try the tanner! it's sold out everywhere!

ashley nicole catherine said...

SO pretty. and i usually don't like any shimmer in my lip products, but this is subtle enough.

Rachel said...

I use the Loreal self tanner but sadly it's not natural!

Viviana Carmona said...

I'll have to try that sunless tanner! I usually use the St. Tropez lotions but I'm always looking for new products :)

Alexa Evans said...

Totally want to try a sunless tanner. I actually haven't yet. Love your suggestions for products!

The Now said...

I love Tarte colors!! They are so pretty. I haven't used this lip color but I have their cheek stain. I need to stock up on more colors!! xo

Tamra Sanford said...

I'll have to try the tanner! My pale skin is not ready to come out and play yet! x

Maya McDonald said...

Yes please - I need both of these in my life! Also, have you checked out OneLove Organics? it's right up your alley {and they sell really fab sample packs!} http://oneloveorganics.com


ashley nicole catherine said...

i haven't heard of onelove! but i love the name and can't wait to check it out! thanks for the rec! xx

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