17 April 2013

product review: korres

17 April 2013
as promised, i will be reviewing the non-toxic beauty products i recently purchased, and to start off with, i give you my new favorite line...

i had intially purchased the body butter and shower gel after hearing about the antiageing primer via victoria and kathy, but after immediately loving both, i decided to try the makeup line as well.

anthens-based korres makes natural skin-care products by blending science and homeopathy. you can read more about the company here, but my favorite products so far are the quercetin and oak antiageing foundation and primer, the body butter and shower gel.

favorite korres beauty products

what i wasn't such a big fan of was tarte's tinted moisturizer, which has been reformulated into a BB cream, and now contains a primer. it felt heavy on my skin and i wasn't a fan of the texture. i tried korres antiageing foundation as an alternative and i love it! which is something because other than performances, i have never used foundation. i have always used a tinted moisturizer, finding foundations to be too heavy for everyday wear.

below are my thoughts on each of the products and would love to hear if you have tried any of the korres line!

korres antiageing primer
- lightweight
- does not make my skin feel tight after applying, like other primers
- noticeably smoother application with both korres foundation and my current laura mercier tinted moisturizer

korres antiageing foundation
- lightweight, buildable color
- does not look caked on, but provides more coverage than typical tinted moisturizer
- skin feels smooth and supple after application
- wears well all day

korres body butter
- texture is somewhere between a lotion and cream
- takes a bit more muscle to rub it in for full absorption
- skin feels soft all day without being greasy
- favorite scents are yogurt and basil lemon

korres showergel
- lathers well
- a little goes a long way
- favorite scent is basil lemon

tarte bb tinted moisturizer
- felt heavy and a bit sticky on application
- did not blend as easily as i'd like


Alexa Evans said...

This is great Ashley. I've been looking for a new shower gel. May have to invest, seems like a good option!

Annie said...

I keep hearing great things about this line-- the lip balms in particular!

Rachel said...

I've never tried and Korres product, but I do love Tarte powder!

Emily said...

Definitely trying that primer! I've been phasing out all my old products and going non-toxic too. So far I'm loving Tea Tree Oil cleansing pads from Trader Joes (Yes! You read that right!). Great for clearing pores.

Alyssa said...

I've tried Korres cleanser before, but never their makeup products. Great review!

Maya McDonald said...

Love me some Korres! My client for my job is Johnson & Johnson and they now own Korres (but keep it as a mostly separate company because it's so different than their other brands!) Every product I've used I've loved!

Alison Dulaney said...

Korres is one of my favorite! I love pretty much everything they make!

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