01 April 2013

scenes from the weekend

01 April 2013
we're back from granite peak, where i am happy to report i mastered my first intermediate run! as i've mentioned before, even though i've been skiing in colorado in the past, i've only been skiing 4 times in my life (including this last time) and on most of my trips, i have been grossly under-prepared for the mountain.

james and i have been taking it slow so i can regain my confidence on the hills and even though he's a black diamond-level snowboarder, he is so patient with me. it rained all day saturday, so we only got to ski on sunday, but we enjoyed the weekend away anyway. we stuck to a full 24-hours of no cell phones, explored the town center, and i started devouring this book. i haven't been this hooked on a book in a long time!

on our way back to chicago, we stopped for a burger at fuddruckers, which always reminds me of my dad. he and i would go there when i was younger and ever the jokester he was, he would always swap the syllables around to make the name into something i can't type out on this blog...

how was your weekend?


tomissa said...

Glad you loved Granite Peak! After growing up near the area, I never realized it was such a big skiing destination.

Lena Leson said...

Horray for a wonderful weekend, and improvement in your skiing–there's no better feeling than beating the mountain!

Alison Dulaney said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Skiing is so much fun, I have only done it twice but am eager to do it again soon:)

Maya McDonald said...

Congrats on the successful ski trip! I'm so impressed, I am the WORST at winter outdoor activities {really, very embarassing}


Emily said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Keep practicing - every run will make you better - skiing is a sport of practice.

Also, kuddos for 24 hours with no cell phone - that's a great idea for a weekend trip, it's so relaxing to get away from technology and truly "turn off".

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