07 May 2013

words of wisdom week 1: things that sparkle

07 May 2013
I'm Alex from Things That Sparkle and Alexandra Kaehler Design. I'm so excited that Ashley asked me to here today as part of this fantastic series. There are so many words of wisdom that my wonderful parents imparted on me as a child, but maybe the most valuable words, have been the ones I have taught myself.

In this blog world, filled with beautiful pictures, its hard to keep things in perspective. Someone is always skinnier, prettier, richer, or has a nicer house. There is always someone with more... So in this world (that is mostly amazing, with a little bit of nastiness) you must remind yourself

image by me

So whether you have a perfect little body, or an extra 15 pounds. A beautiful mcmansion or a tiny studio. Just be thankful for what you have and then you'll always be satisfied.


Jessica Marquez said...

Such a lovely reminder. Great quote.

Rachel said...

Very true! Once you've learned to love yourself and your strengths, it becomes easier to not compare yourself to others

Carly Holstein said...

Love Alex and this series!


Emily said...

Aw, love this! It's so true.

Isn’t That Charming.

Cara Gardner said...

I hear ya...but sometimes it's better said than done...especially when none of your clothes fit :/

Michaela Warner said...

Oh yes, I love this. So so so true. The root to joy is thanksgiving!

Brenna - Bubbly in Brooklyn said...

This is one of my favorite quotes, ever. Thank you for sharing this beautiful image!

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