13 May 2013

words of wisdom week 2: michaela noelle designs

13 May 2013
*image by Gem Photo for Michaela Noelle Designs

Whatever is Lovely.

This little vignette is in my bedroom right next to my desk area. While not everything in this world is lovely (in fact, far from it), I try to make an effort to choose joy and create a little bit of lovely every day.  Whether this be buying a bunch of tulips from the market, sending a friend a note, listening to my favorite songs while doing homework, or totally indulging in that cupcake I've been craving...yep, that's all lovely. As a soon-to-be graduate with a Bachelor's in interior design, I'm constantly creating. It's my happy place; an escape from the not-so-beautiful things of this world. If you seek out beauty and focus on whatever is lovely, you will be so full of joy. Promise :)

Thank you for having me here, ANC! I adore you and your blog. I'm honored to be apart of this series!




Alyssa said...

THIS is lovely. Michaela has such a refreshing and positive outlook–I love reading her blog for that reason!

Michaela Warner said...

Thanks for having me today, ANC! I heart you :)

meghan silva said...

Its better to look at the positive and happy side of life. Love these words of wisdom.

Meghan Silva's Blog

ashley nicole catherine said...

thank YOU, sweet girl for participating! i love your decision to 'choose joy' - i do that too, just never had a name for it until now :) xx

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