16 May 2013

words of wisdom week 2: the now stylebook

16 May 2013

Unless you're a weirdo robot, it's abnormal to go through life without a few struggles. I've had quite a few crazy uphill battles...even some "Why Me" moments.. but this quote reminds me that everything happens for a reason. I know I know that sounds so cliche, but I really believe it's true. Whenever sh$t hits the fan, I have to remember, that it's going to get better and more than likely, I will grow from this experience. I'm sure you've had moments where it seems almost impossible to be positive and it seems easier to give up, but if you just keep trying, good will come out of it.

Thank you, Ashley for letting me share my words of wisdom and I hope you all remember to stay positive!

xo e


meghan silva said...

Nothing bad lasts forever , love your words of wisdom xo

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Rachel said...

Love this quote- saw it on Pinterest a few weeks ago and re-pinned it, naturally! I think all the hardships I've gone through only make me a better person. And when good things happen, I feel as though I've earned them from going through "the dirt"

Alyssa said...

The image of this is so awesome–as is the quote that goes along with it. The struggle to earn certain things or get to a certain place only makes the reward that much sweeter!

The Now said...

Thanks for having me!!!! I just loved this idea so much!! xo

ashley nicole catherine said...

thank you for participating, lady e! i loved yours...so true and a beautiful reminder, xx

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