26 June 2013

a break.

26 June 2013

hi, friends. sorry for the silence, but honestly, i just need a break. i've been traveling for work and need the week off.

in my absence, i'd highly recommend visiting the blogs under the INSPIRATION tab above.


giedre said...

Sometimes a break is just absolutely needed! :) Enjoy!

Alyssa said...

Enjoy your break, Ashley–you deserve it! :)

Annie said...

Happy day/days buddy!

Annie said...

P.S. sometime we're going to meet in real life and it'll be grand.

Jen said...

Hope you're having a great breather, sometimes you just need it!

xo jen

ashley nicole catherine said...

YES!!!! can it be now? kthx!

Zé Pedro Rodrigues said...

I love the tones of the sea, in different blues are the max! Good week break! ..

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