17 June 2013

revisiting 2013 intentions

17 June 2013
since we're mid-way through the year, i wanted to check-in and revisit my intentions for 2013. i wrote intentions instead of resolutions because i liked the idea of creating goals for the type of year i wanted to have, rather than a list of year-long to-do items.

just like i'm trying to shift the focus from working out x times a week to living a healthy lifestyle, my 2013 intentions are more about creating balance and happiness than crossing things off a list. 

while there is always room for improvement, i'm happy to say that i have been able to find more balance and time to unplug and reconnect by:

  • committing to no more than 2-3 blog posts per week
  • frequently going on outings without my phone
  • reading and writing more often
  • going to yoga more often
  • taking a week-long, technology-free vacation with my husband
  • working on creative projects and DIYs

i'm slowly, but surely redefining what productivity and success means to me both professionally and at home, which has stemmed from examining what i'm passionate about, what i'm good at, and how i want to spend my time. i don't have everything figured out and, at times i still feel like i don't know what i want to be when i grow up, but simply bringing awareness to it is helping me gain clarity. i'm also putting more emphasis on caring for myself and my relationships. i believe self-care is key to a happy life and healthy relationships and i plan to write more about it in the near future.

if anything, my intentions for the year have made me realize that we have to give ourselves permission to create the kind of life that will fulfill us. even if that means paving new ways and challenging societal norms and familial pressure. it means taking risks, pursuing our passions, and carving out our own definition of a meaningful life.

illustration: cate parr


Alison said...

I think that I need to do the same, thank you for inspiring me!!

Short and Sweet Blog said...

Good job Ashley! Always good to check yourself on goals and love your plan for unplugging.

Meghan said...

That is really so great and what amazing intentions they are.

Joelle Duff said...

That's great Ashley! I think it's so important to create a plan on how you want to live your life, rather than concrete goals to work toward sometimes (though both are great, and so necessary). I've been trying to live a more unplugged life as well, and it's been amazing. The most important thing to me is to just keep my phone out of the bedroom, and not to pull it out when we're at dinner or anything. It's great! Good luck with these next few months my dear! xoxo

Arv said...

Love <3

centers.nicole said...

Love it!

Thanks for sharing :)

You have a great blog!


Taylor O'Shaughnessy said...

always such a positive outlook over here :) great job with your goals. I need to work on more outings without the phone and less blog time as well I think!

Jessica Marquez said...

Love these goals and positivity! The stress-free blog posting is so key! And working out vs. living a healthy lifestyle overall... well said. :)

Emily said...

Oh gosh, this was a harsh (but really good) reminder that I've TOTALLY forgotten all my 2013 goals. I definitely need to revisit them. So many great thoughts here, Ash!
Isn’t That Charming.

Jen said...

I love the idea of intentions Ashley! I agree on so many of yours including blogging only 2-3 times per week. Although I wish I had the time for more posts, I've realized that it's easy to get stretched too thinly. I'm really trying hard to make time for myself, doing things other than sitting in front of the computer.

xo jen

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