19 June 2013

throw pillow heaven

19 June 2013
so, as you guys know, james and i have been working on prettying up our little home. we got a new couch a couple of years ago and have had a knit pillow and inexpensive finds from target accessorizing it since (pictured here).

i've been eyeing new throw pillows and bookmarked a few options on pinterest and etsy, but didn't have a clear picture of what i wanted. well, we finally looked through all the options and put together a combination of this lilac pillow, this emerald ikat pillow, and this royal blue lumbar pillow.

i'm kind of really excited and can't wait for them to arrive! here's how they'll look in our current space:

what do you think? do you have any pillow combos you've been eyeing?


Rachel said...

I'm really excited to find cute pillows for our apartment (how nerdy am I?) Your space is so cute!

Meghan said...

They will look gorgeous !

Meghan Silva's Blog

Jessica Marquez said...

I love it already!

Alyssa said...

These are adorable–you guys picked great colors/patterns! Honestly, buying pillows was one of my favorite parts of decorating. I love how they can instantly mix up a look!

Elizabeth // The Now said...

I love the lilac and emerald together. For some reason, art and throw pillows are really hard for me to commit to. I have no clue why!! xoxo

taylor said...

love the pillows!! and yes - that model is the girl from the city. doesn't she look horrible!!?? so skinny and her face looks awful!! I still can't believe she is one of their main models!

Joelle Duff said...

Too cute! I love ikat these days, but I just don't know that it'll match my space. I love the colors you put together though!

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