23 July 2013

HANAair Professional Hair Dryer product review

23 July 2013
when the good people at Missiko Beauty offered to send me the italian-designed HANAair Professional Hair Dryer to review, i realized that i have been using the same cheap deryer for almost a decade. it was time to try something new/made in the 21st century.

i was thrilled to try one of the best professional hair dryers by the experts at HANA Salon because honestly, i have never owned any professional hair products or styling tools. i've never been particularly good at doing my own hair and i thought my blowouts were as good as they were ever going to get with one of my recent beauty finds.

until...this beauty showed up on my doorstep.

i have been using the HANAair for about two months now and after several uses, i am hooked. my hair has never looked sleeker or shinier. no more fly-aways (which has always been a big problem for me) and my hair dries super quickly. and well, i just feel fancy using it!

and just look at all the goodies that came with it!

 photography by james roy

  • super sleek, shiny finish
  • extra long cord (12')
  • appealing, professional design

  • weight - the dryer is hefty compared to the grocery store fare

thank you, Missiko Beauty! oh, and ANC readers, you can check out Missiko Beauty on facebook here.


marissa @ the boot said...

it may sound crazy, but a good dryer is life changing! i got one recently (in italy, but it's not this brand) and it's incredible how much nicer it dries!

staleymc said...

My nice hair dryer recently broke so I have been using just a cheap-o one and while it is light, I miss the more professional grade one! This one looks so nice!

staci said...

I've been looking for a new hair dryer, may have to check this out!

Alyssa said...

I recently got a new dryer and I can attest that the right dryer can totally makeover your hair routine!

Annie said...

That baby looks legit! It's really time for a new dryer for me too...

Dora said...

This was a very helpful review. I always get frizzy hair from my blowdrier

Jen said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one using the same dryer for the last many years lol. The only professional hair product that I own is my curling iron. I love the fact that it leaves your hair shiny and silky and that it has a long cord - always helpful!

xo jen
Pearls & Lace

CharminglyStyled said...

I love the pro's and cons, but overall it sounds like an awesome blowdryer! I am in need of a new dryer, so I'll have to think about this one!

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