06 August 2013

Coming of Age Albums

06 August 2013
I'm lucky that music has always been a big part of my life. My parents had a pretty fantastic record collection and we were always listening to tapes and CDs in the car. My dad was a fan of the old school Kingston Trio, Johnny Cash, Elvis. My mom grew up in the 1970s and exposed me to everything great from the Bee Gees to Queen.

And don't get me started on musicals. We're talking VHS tapes and/or soundtracks to Les Mis, Annie, Sweet Charity, The Sound of Music, and every-Disney-movie-made (because, let's be honest, Disney movies are musicals!).

I don't have a favorite band or artist or even genre. If it's good, I probably like it, but there are few albums that clearly stand out in mind as formative. These are the handful that will always remind me of important/hard parts of my life and I think of them fondly because, well, they got me through.

Anthology of Bread - Bread, 1985

When things didn't really make sense as a kid, I remember putting this record on. It was comforting somehow. And then, later, squealing to see "Make it With You" quoted in The Virgin Suicides

Paul Simon - Paul Simon, 1972

Sometimes, on the weekends, my mom and dad would put on records and we'd clean the place or mom and I would dance, while my dad sang. "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" was my favorite. Those were happy times and Paul Simon will always remind me of my childhood.

Blue - Joni Mitchell, 1971

This album essentially got me through my first real heartbreak and if you want to know how, check out this article, or at least, the last paragraph.

Reflecting on these albums, they seem pretty emotionally indulgent, but I guess that's what I see as one of the benefits of music. It should speak to you, just like a really good book or movie can. Music can be fun (hello, girl anthems!), but it can also provide a channel for processing heavier things.

But I want to know what you think - are there any albums that define a part of your life? Did they get you through any tough times?

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Alyssa said...

I was lucky enough to grow up with parents who have fantastic music taste–Queen, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, etc. were all mainstays. Truth be told, I hardly listen to most music that comes out these days (with the exception of a few bands). I'm an old music soul!

Jessica Marquez said...

I need to branch out a bit more with my music! So much good stuff out there... mostly from the past that I need to catch up on!

Lena said...

Paul Simon and Blue are two of my very favorite (and most dear) albums–here's to early 70s folk!

Short and Sweet Blog said...

Paul Simon reminds me of my childhood too! My Dad has a ton of his records

Cara-Mia said...

The Kingston Trio and The Beach Boys will always take me back to the MANY family road trips we took. <3

Jen said...

Listening to those artists must bring back the best childhood memories! I'm not the biggest fan of old music maybe because my parents we're big music fans, but one of my favorites has and will always be Michael Jackson. I know his music isn't really old but my good friend and I loved listening to all his music in high school so any time I hear a song it reminds me of those fun times!

xo jen
Pearls & Lace

Allyson Fulcher said...

I love your choices! I wish my music choices for emotional rehab are not this eloquent!

ashley nicole catherine said...

i love that! i don't know many people who know who the kingston trio were :)

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