06 September 2013

Life, lately

06 September 2013

Hi friends, I know I've been absent, but I have a good reason. Between a family reunion in one part of Wisconsin, visiting more family in another, celebrating James' birthday, work, and making the most of what's left of our weekends, I've been busy! 

It's been a great couple of weeks, but I think my favorite was celebrating my sweet husband's birthday. I'm sharing a few pictures from of the festivities in Chicago and Door County. And if you're a fan of carrot cake, stay tuned for my cupcake recipe!

Happy birthday, my love!


Jessica Marquez said...

Fabulous pictures! Happy Birthday to your hubs!

Alyssa said...

I have been craving cupcakes these past few days–you've inspired me to make a batch tonight!

Tomissa Porath said...

Where did you visit in Door County? It's my family's favorite vacation spot!

Lena said...

What wonderful celebrations!

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