18 September 2013

Who will you make peace with?

18 September 2013
I just heard about Peace One Day, a non-profit organization hoping to institutionalize a worldwide day of peace, non-violence, and ceasefire each year on September 21. It's a message and a goal I am eager to support and share, and I'm sure many of you will feel the same.

The support the organization has received from national leaders, the UN, business, actors, and musicians is pretty remarkable. To learn more about the organization and how it came to be, check out founder Jeremy Gilley's TEDtalk (here) and to learn more about the impact the organization has had to date, check out their website (here).

Peace Day is this Saturday, September 21 and this year's theme is "Who will you make peace with?" You can tune into the celebration streaming live  on YouTube starting Saturday (here). Check out the trailer below to hear Jude Law, a Peace One Day ambassador, discuss what to expect on the 21st.

What you can do:
  • Commit to and practice a day of peace, kindness, and non-violence on September 21
  • Write a blog post about Peace Day and encourage your readers to learn more about the organization
  • Promote the Peace Day celebration on Facebook and Twitter
  • Tell your friends and family about the organization and encourage their support

Peace One Day


CharminglyStyled said...

I am so on board! What an amazing day - I can't wait to participate and hear more! xx

Annie said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing.

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