17 October 2013

I Spy with My Little Eye

17 October 2013
It's clear my husband is the photographer in this relationship, but I've taken to snapping photos with my iPhone as the mood strikes. I often see a scene or notice a detail that moves me in a particular way, and I'm trying to capture those moments as they come. I try not to linger or worry about taking the "perfect" shot, but focus more on the capturing the feeling that the subject sparks in me.

All photos Copyright ashley nicole catherine 2013


Alyssa said...

That window with the bunny is so great and eerie–these feel very "Halloween"!

Short and Sweet Blog said...

These are all amazing Ashley! Great eye!

jillian said...

gorgeous photos ashley! h usually takes our paparazzi camera too :) he loves taking photos on our trips, but i need to learn how to use that camera someday. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Allyson said...

These photos are so pretty :) That party sounds like it will be so much fun! Take lots of pics!

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